Elisabeth Muller Stein Counselling & Psychotherapy  

Counselling and Psychotherapy


Counselling and Psychotherapy can provide the opportunity to forge a

unique relationship with another who will listen without judging. The

What Counselling is
therapist is trained and experienced in staying with you as you are and as

you explore and journey.

To Help with...
Counselling tends to focus more on a particular issue, while psychotherapy

         goes deeper, to the cause, helping to understand and resolve what

         underlies these present circumstances, dealing with all of the person.
About Me

As we journey together, the therapist neither rushes ahead nor lags

behind, but stays with you at your pace, as your companion. This provides

Our Greatest Fear
a safe, supportive, confidential space in which to explore where you find

yourself your feelings, thoughts and aspirations in relation to yourself and

to others.


In this space it becomes safe to look at the fears that are getting in the

way of your joy, in a way that is not re-traumatising but empowering and

healing. This work brings in new awareness, providing you with the

opportunity to find your own solutions and make decisions that can

empower you and move you on again in your life, gaining a deeper

understanding and acceptance of yourself.

My work is humanistic and integrative with Gestalt, inner child work,

person-centred or psychodynamic approaches, sometimes also using

dreams or crayons as a safe and gentle way in for us to find clarity. 

Elisabeth Muller Stein

e-mail: contact[at]elisabethmuller.net  ( Note: elisabeth with an "s" )


A    journey    of    a    thousand    miles    begins    with    a    single    step.